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Secret to Change

Secret to Change

"The secret to change is not to focus all your energy on fighting the old but building the new."

Guided Journaling

Guided Journaling

You will focus on the who, what, when, where, why, and how of your emotions through journaling.

Self Care & Self Esteem Workshop

Self Care & Self Esteem Workshop

Reflective practices and confidence skill-building aimed to prioritize the way you TAF.

Book Club & Mentorship

Book Club & Mentorship

We incorporate Biblical Principals as the foundation for continued healing while working to understand the plan God has for you

heART Group

heART Group

This group is designed to help you identify and recognize the barriers and blessings within your life.

Abolishing The Stigma Around Mental Health And Promoting Mental Wellness.

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Mental Illness & Suicide

  • 10.6 % of youth cope with severe major depression (2.5 million individuals)

  • This rate has increased by 197,000 since 2021

  • Suicide is the fourth leading cause of death among 15 – 19-year-olds

  • Every 40 seconds someone’s life is ended by suicide

Smiling for the Camera

About Us

We are Mental Health and Wellness Advocates Dedicated To Addressing The Importance Of Mental, Physical, and Emotional Well-Being In Youth & Adolescents. We Apply Practical Skills To Increase Mental Health Literacy & Proactive Coping Methods That Are Solution Focused And Uniquely Tailored For Each Individual.

Our Mission

To Bridge The Gap Within The Community And Clinical Professionals By Addressing The Importance Of Mental Health And Speaking Up.


"For You did a fantastic job with presenting to students in a group I co-facilitate. This organization was timely in their communication leading up to the guest presentation and exceeded expectations with the Tree of Life activity they created. For You's activity was a wonderful addition to the group and the students were highly engaged in the activity. I highly recommend partnering and working with For You if you get the opportunity to! "

Julia B.

"I love how open and honest you can be in this program without being judged or ridiculed. Here you can learn more about yourself freely; It's encouraged. There are plenty of activities you can participate in; One is the guided journaling. I'm really excited to complete mine! Taking care of your mental health is extremely important and should be taken quite seriously. I can't wait to see how amazing people feel about being in their journey here and to hear what it has meant to them, long after being a part of it. For me, ForYou represents growth, knowledge, and it means that all changes isn't bad; it's important."

Elissia M. 

“The heART Group has been one of the biggest contributors to my mental wellness. The transparency, camaraderie and open hearted atmosphere allows for one's vulnerability to be nurtured and treated with care. As a writer, guided journaling has been an advantageous and favorable experience. I've been able to scribe all of my traumas and derangements in ways conducive to my mental wellbeing. As much of the human experience we can empathize with, I've been pleasantly surprised at how judgement-free the environment has been for me every step of the way. Being a married father of three can bring a lot of challenges and slim windows for discouragement to get in. The way the program helped me deviate those triggers and guided me to a perspective of totality, acquiesced my morale and motivation to persist. I have advanced on to a state of mind and "heART" permeated with gratification, fulfillment, encouragement to be the best me for myself and my family. I cannot say enough to illustrate the pure love and dedication the program has provided to every individual and their respective journeys. If you feel you're in need of a wellness check, constructive community, or the contingency to preserve your idiosyncrasy, please reach out to the ForYou organization and sign up for The heART Group program.”

Nelson C.

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